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DCR.Blue (Bravo) Overview


DCR.Blue is a Decred voting service provider (VSP). A VSP plays a role in Decred's governance process, which is based on Proof-of-Stake (PoS), in which the user delegates their voting rights to VSP. In turn, the VSP votes as specified by the user when and if their ticket is called to vote. We do not hold, manage, or transfer any of your DCR/decred ("funds"); we watch for your tickets, and cast a vote on your behalf when the ticket is called to vote. Facilitating the ability of all Decred users to collectively determine the evolution of the coin is the primary mission of DCR.Blue (designated as Voting Service "Bravo"). For more information, please read the article "Upgrading Consensus", on the official Decred project blog.


The global Decred network and its consensus rules are entirely responsible for the generation and distribution of vote subsidy, fees, etc. As such, this VSP and its servers do not control or possess any of the funds — that is the job of your own wallet (on your machine) and the consensus rules of the network. No amount of DCR even "go through" the VSP or its machines in order to cast the vote; the VSP merely broadcasts an "SSGen", a type of transaction that signals your vote to the network and assigns the generated coins to the address the user specifies in their ticket purchase, and the VSP in proportion to the VSP Reward Proportion specified below. As one of the outputs in this vote transaction, the fees are just a portion of the generated coins, not a payment from the user.

We just stay online, waiting to vote, quickly and reliably. Stated again, no user funds are transferred or managed by the VSP, only votes are placed as part of the PoS mechanism of Decred. Please send any questions to the address listed below.


A voting service is great for people who wish to take part in Decred's on-chain governance for several reasons:

  • With a VSP, there is no need to keep your wallet unlocked and online.
  • The VSP has reliable and low latency Internet connections for broadcasting votes to the PoW miners quickly and without interruption.
  • The VSP can be used as a backup or supplement for your own voting wallets. There is no need to choose between the two. You may do both!

The VSP software is open source and available at GitHub.

VSP Information
Network: mainnet
VSP Reward Proportion: 2%
Support Email: support@dcr.blue
Support Link: https://dcr.blue/